About Us

Planetary Biosciences develops novel nutritional supplemental products.

Planetary Biosciences is a North Carolina based emerging nutraceutical development company, specializing in natural products that provide health benefits with few if any side effects for anyone. Planetary Biosciences works with some of the worlds most experienced scientists in the field of nutritional supplement research. With experience going back over 40 years, they have been using novel approaches to improving the imbalances that are often found in persons, each can aid to an improved quality of life.

Our line of products under development will help break up the bio-film that is created by some some drug resistant bacteria and assist the body’s own defences to fight infection. They will also provide hydration and anti-microbial properties to discourage further infection. Our products will also be able to help normalise the thick sticky mucus that is prevalent in CF patients which will encourage better ciliary activity – the lungs internal mechanism that is designed to flush out inhaled pathogens.

Indrepta is the first of our nutritional supplements that provides a carefully formulated blend of dietary polyphenols that have been shown to provide a reduced inflammation and oxidative stress.

Product Pipeline

Indrepta – A mixture of bioactive dietary compounds designed to promote lung health and reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. Released November 2016.

TauriNAC – An oral thiol supplement designed for better breathing and reduction of systemic inflammation (currently in stability testing at manufacturer; Released June 2017).

PB18 – A patent-pending aerosol drug for the treatment of inflammatory lung diseases (in pre-clinical development).