A Real Life Experience with NAC

This is the early story of our “Planetary Girl”, Scarlett Rose

Scarlett was a beautiful baby girl born in April of 2015. At 1 month of age, because she was still below her birth weight, the doctors knew that something was wrong. Failure to thrive is a common symptom of cystic fibrosis, and so she was soon diagnosed with two copies of the f508del gene - or DDF508 as it is commonly known. She contracted pseudomonas aeruginosa around three months of age and was given the usual courses of antibiotics, including Tobramycin and others through central line, oral and nebulised delivery. This went on for six months and she was not improving and her constant cough was persisting. This is how the story goes...

Please note that this video was personally provided by Scarlett's family and as such conveys the personal thought of them. It is not meant to convey the thoughts or views of Planetary Biosciences LLC. It is also not intended, nor should be misconstrued to provide medical advice.