Supplements for Low Income Families Fund

Non profit funded the development of Indrepta and TauriNAC

Sharktank Research Foundation is a parent/patient run non profit 501(C)(3) organization that is dedicated to furthering research and education. Sharktank sponsored the development of both Indrepta and TauriNAC supplements and has mandated that they are produced at the lowest possible cost to people who find it beneficial.

Some still cannot afford Indrepta and TauriNAC

However some are still not able to afford the full cost due to financial circumstances beyond their control. We invite those that are in genuine need of Indrepta and TauriNAC but unable to afford it to write to us and explain their situation. We cannot afford to help absolutely everyone so each case must be evaluated on its individual merits.

The fund is limited and is completely reliant on donations, but we will try use it to assist those that are in difficult financial circumstances to be able to acquire Indrepta and TauriNAC at a subsidized price. We give priority to those that are already reliant on SSI or some form of social security payment. We require case numbers etc.

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You can help low income families!

If you are in a position to assist this program we encourage you to donate through our web shop by purchasing “low income supplement dollars”.

100% of all money raised through this channel goes directly to to assist those with genuine need for these products but cannot afford them.

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Want to support ongoing research by Sharktank?

If you wish to support ongoing scientific research through Sharktank Research Foundation please donate on the website.

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