Planetary Biosciences proudly develops novel nutritional products for better health

Planetary Biosciences is a North Carolina based pharmaceutical development company specializing in natural products that promote health with few if any side effects. This company also supports a pipeline of novel inhalation drug therapies for the treatment of patients with inflammatory lung diseases.


Indrepta versions A, B and C – Dietary supplement formulations designed to promote lung health and reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. Versions A and B released 11/8/16.

TauriNAC – An oral thiol mucolytic supplement incorporating taurine and select vitamins and minerals.  Released 6/15/17.

PB19A – A nasal wash formulation to maintain optimal health of nasal passages and sinuses (product testing phase).

PB19B – Natural formulation for reducing the duration and/or severity of colds and flu (product testing phase).

PB19C – A patent pending nebulized drug for the treatment of inflammatory lung diseases (pre-clinical development).

PB20 –  A patent pending nebulized antimicrobial formulation for inhalation (pre-clinical development).


Planetary Biosciences only uses standardized ingredients. This means that each ingredient is assayed against a key component so that from batch to batch the product is the same in activity every time. Only the best standardization practices available in the market are used, because this means quality and also cuts down on bulk. If a raw material had varying amounts of the desired ingredient then the volume required would constantly vary. To guard against this and to ensure consistent potency and purity, Planetary Biosciences only uses suppliers that are trusted.

Each lot of ingredients is assayed twice by HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography) for purity. It is a dependable way to obtain and ensure product purity and is used to produce extremely high quality products.

Each batch also receives microbiology testing as well as testing for contaminants.

The products are made under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Robotics designed for pill manufacturing and bottling are used according to all existing regulations in clean-room conditions.

Each bottle of Indrepta has an inner and outer seal. The bottles are packed into cases and loaded onto pallets at the manufacturing facility and shipped to a distributor who keeps the inventory in a climate controlled environment.

TauriNAC is made similarly, except it is packaged into individually sealed foil packets to ensure freshness.

Frequently Asked Questions

“I have severe asthma/allergies and today has been terrible but as soon as I take my TauriNAC my lungs feel so much better. Less tight and angry. I LOVE my TauriNAC!”

Misha Bell

“I coughed for 3 days and got out a lot of stuff when I first started. Now, I never ever cough and can exercise without coughing. It’s crazy how clear I am!”

Lindsey Doss

“So far, so good. Had a little virus two weeks ago that didn’t turn into more thanks to Indrepta! First time ever fighting it off without IVs or antibiotics.”

Lindsey Doss

“Since starting Indrepta and TauriNAC a couple of months ago, my son, 17 years old, has had so much more energy. We have not needed his IV meds this season because his health has been so good. Love that I don’t have to seek out these ingredients individually anymore and that these supplements are working so well!”

Kim Dinsmore

“Feeling well and energetic! Only 3 rounds of oral antibiotics in 19 months. Such a different life than before these supplements!”

Denise Kruse