Here are a few comments from our customers…

“BEST LUNG FUNCTION IN A DECADE! FEV1 83!!! Up from 76% SO Grateful!”

“I had no expectations going into this but would have never guessed I would have such immediate results!”

“My doctor constantly comments now how my lungs don’t even sound like cf lungs.”

“Omg it’s been amazing! This is really good stuff. Like y’all are onto something.”

“You have no idea how much you’ve helped me. I have been feeling so good.”

“If you haven’t heard of (Planetary Biosciences) then you need to look them up. Geniuses!!!”

“Indrepta has given me energy and stability with my lungs.”

“The doctors are truly shocked at how stable I’ve become since starting Indrepta”

“You’ll never know the extent to which I’m so grateful to you. It brings me to tears when I think about it.”

“My children are thriving. My daughter, once so sickly, is strong and feeling empowered. Thanks again so much.”

“For the first time ever, I seriously think I may live to see a grandchild. Thanks doesn’t cover it, but that’s all I’ve got. 😁”

“I had a 8% increase in just two weeks on it and my lungs have never felt better! I’m a strong believer in this supplement.”

“My appetite is amazing! I’ve gained 6 pounds since I started. My doctor was amazed.”

“(My daughter) saw the doctor the first week of January, and had an FEV1 of 71%. Then she started Indrepta B. Yesterday (May 12) she visited her doctor again… and she achieved an FEV1 of 83%! This was amazing news for us.”

“Mine (pft’s) have gone up 12%! And I’ve been on it a month. Love this stuff!”

“I’m on C. I’ve taken it nine days. My mutations are deltaf508 and g551s. I just got my pfts done I’m up about 10%. This is no joke people!!!”

“I’m DDF508. I’ve been taking Indrepta for about 10 days. O2 is up, lung function is up, energy is up. I feel like a different person.”

“This stuff is awesome. Plain and simple.I’m not getting paid. I don’t know these people. We share none of the same interests other than helping cystic fibrosis people feel better. If you have CF or know somebody with CF, get some.”

“Just had my follow up pfts. 6 weeks taking indrepta my pfts are 45%. That’s another 4% increase since last visit. My highest pfts in the past four years have been 31%!”

“For a six inch hoagie I used to require 8 units of insulin and with two Indrepta a day my blood sugar has not gone over 200 so no insulin needed.”

“I used to cough up blood quite often, now since starting Indrepta I haven’t coughed up any at all. 👍🏻👍🏻”

“I have history of bleeds. I take indrepta and garlic and havent had 1 bleed since starting (9 months)

“I used to cough up blood at least once a week, and I haven’t since starting Indrepta!” (all separate people)

“I was able to go for a run today, I haven’t been able to do that in over 7 years… that was only in my dreams!”

“I had an infection brewing but for the first time in forever I got over it without orals and iv’s. I feel so much healthier overall. I hardly ever cough now. And I have so much more energy. I took the dogs to the park today and actually ran with them, without needing to stop and cough up a lung. Just wanna hug everyone that made indrepta and tauriNAC possible. 🙊😘”

“A few days ago I noticed something pretty remarkable. I am actually FEELING better overall. It hit me about two days ago that I’d barely done any albuterol, and yet was breathing easy. I even went out walking in our neighborhood Monday, Wow!”



"The doctors are truly shocked at how stable I've become since starting Indrepta"

"I just got my pfts done I'm up about 10%. This is no joke people!!!"

Breathe Better with Planetary Biosciences

What Planetary Biosciences are doing about CF

Planetary Biosciences is proud to be affiliated with Sharktank Research Organization is a cf community funded and and operated non profit organisation. Sharktank commissioned the development and production of Indrepta to assist those with cystic fibrosis. Please support their great work by donating through the website. Click on the icon to visit their site.

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